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New storage for

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

You probably noticed that our copy of OpenStreetMap database has not been updated for more than two months. In fact, our current storage space of about 500 GB was completely filled by the database. :-(

The good news is that we are currently in the process of changing that storage! Two new Samsung S840 Evo 1 TB disks have been ordered, that will quadruple our storage capacity to 2 TB. :-)

Once the disks are installed, we will need to make a new fresh import of OpenStreetMap database. We hope to do this import in hstore format that would allow us to bring new features to MapOSMatic.

Stay tuned!

MapOSMatic is back!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Good news everyone: MapOSMatic is back!

Several months ago, our copy of the OSM database started to have major issues and got corrupted, unfortunately beyond recovery. We needed to re-import the full database. At the same time, we were having performance issues with the OSM data replication because the traditional, rotational the hard drive of the database server was not fast enough and we couldn’t keep up with the rate of updates to the OSM database. And last but not least, OSM was changing its license which had a strong impact on the data in our database too of course!

Therefore “The Plan” was to move our database server to a new machine that had SSD drives and import on this fast database server a fresh copy of the OSM database. As you probably discovered, it took us much more time than we originally planned ;-)

Today, we are very pleased to announce that the new database server is now up and running and it is fast! MapOSMatic is back on and once again available to the OSM community! :) And a big thank you to the FSF France for giving us access to a powerful server to host our OSM database.

Please enjoy our service! We have a lot of queued jobs since the summer that the rendering pipeline is now processing. It will take a few days before all of them are processed, but rest assured the server is working hard to catch up :) We will make sure to send a note when the queue is empty and new renderings can be processed as soon as they are submitted.

– The whole MapOSMatic team (with a special thanks to Maxime that does all the admin stuff!)

Update Dec 5th, 2012: we have processed all the pending renderings in the queue since July. You can now submit new map rendering jobs and they will be processed right away!

PostGIS database down

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The server hosting our PostGIS database, gracefully made available to us by the FSF France, is currently undergoing maintenance. This unfortunately means we can’t process any maps at the moment, but we’ve been assured that everything is put in motion to bring this server back online as soon as possible, hopefully in the next couple of days.

We’ll keep you updated on the status of the database server; in the meantime new renderings will be queued up and the failed renderings will be rescheduled to make sure all the requested maps are generated. It does unfortunately also means these renderings will represent outdated geographical data while the PostGIS database replication catches up.

MapOSMatic database down

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

As you may have noticed, recent renderings have been failing on MapOSMatic. This is because our main PostGIS database is currently down. We are working on getting more information on the outage from the nice folks at FSF France who gracefully allow us to host our database on one of their servers.

All the jobs that failed because of the outage have been requeued, so they’ll be rendered as soon as the database is back up and we can restart the processing queue.

Hang in there!

edit: we’re back! The database server is back online and the rendering pipeline has been restarted and is now catching up on the queue. Thanks for your patience!