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MapOSMatic rendering queue frozen

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The new server on which we expected to migrate the MapOSMatic service proved to be less powerful than our existing system, preventing us from migrating the service. The increase of OSM data has now completely filled the 250 GB hard-drive of our current server, so we had to disable the rendering of maps. Tonight, we got access to a new, powerful enough server, so we hope to put MapOSMatic back online in one or two weeks.

However, this new hosting will not be usable on the long-term, it is only a temporary solution. We are still looking for a long-term solution to host MapOSMatic, on a machine with at least 4 GB of RAM (the more RAM the better), 2 cores and 1 TB of disk. We have received several proposals of donations, but we unfortunately do not have the legal entity to receive them for the moment. We are also considering creating such an entity, or hosting the MapOSMatic project under the umbrella of an existing entity.

If your company wants to sponsor the hosting for MapOSMatic, we’ll be very happy to show the logo of your company on the MapOSMatic frontpage, as well as a more detailed description of your company in the About page. Do not hesitate to contact us at