MapOSMatic talk proposal submitted for SOTM 2010

State Of The MapState Of The Map is the yearly conference entirely dedicated to OpenStreetMap and is therefore the most important conference for the OpenStreetMap community. The 2010 edition will take place in Girona, Spain, from July, 9th to July 11th.

Maxime Petazzoni and I have submitted a talk about the MapOSMatic project, in the name of all the MapOSMatic developers. Our talk is entitled MapOSMatic: city maps for the masses, and here the abstract we’ve submitted :

Launched in september 2009, MapOSMatic is a web service that lets anyone create a map for any city in the world, based on OpenStreetMap data. A grid overlay is added to the map, along with the corresponding index of streets and amenities for the city, giving a ready-to-be-printed map. These maps can for example be used in information panels in cities, or, after folding, as traditional city maps.

As of march 2010, this service has generated over 10,000 maps, and has been adapted for French, English, German, Italian, Catalan, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Crotian, Polish and Spanish.

Through our talk, we would like to highlight MapOSMatic history and features, give details on its technical implementation, describe the future directions we would like to take, and detail how the OpenStreetMap project as a whole could be improved to help projects such as MapOSMatic.

The presentation will be given by Maxime and Thomas Petazzoni, two geek brothers part of the team of french hackers who created and developed MapOSMatic. Maxime and Thomas both work in the embedded Linux area, respectively for Montavista Software, LLC and Free Electrons.

We hope that our proposal will be accepted so that we will be able to present the project to the wider OpenStreetMap community, gather ideas for improvements, and discuss how the OpenStreetMap project itself could be modified to better suit the needs of projects such as MapOSMatic. We’ll of course put an update on this blog as soon as we have the answer from the program comittee.

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