MapOSMatic hackfest, start of day 6

Yesterday, Gilles Lamiral, author of imapsync, visited us. Yes the one behind the original MapOSMatic idea!  We had a good time to discuss about MapOSMatic, OSM, Free Software, business models, pitfalls of modern Internet connections and much more.

Gaël has worked on scaling issues. At one point in the code we are rescaling the map to fit in a given paper size, with a given resolution. This part of the code triggers bugs, for example the badly placed one way arrows. Gaël has tried to improve that part of the code, removing unneeded scaling. Difficult stuff that is not finished yet but Gaël is making good progress.

Thomas and myself have worked on the multi-page renderer. Following on previous Étienne work, we are trying to add the ability to split a big PDF map into several pages with a common index at the end. Yesterday, we spent the whole day trying to split correctly the original map into smaller pages that overlap with a small margin. Gaël found our bug late in the night and now the computation seems correct.

BTW, a big thank to leaflet: it helped us produce some quick debug code to show the computed bounding boxes.

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