MapOSMatic improvements

Since the public announcement of MapOSMatic that took place on September 10th, we did a small number of improvements :

  • Due to the very high number of rendering requests we had on the announcement day, we had to implement a redirection mechanism. This redirection mechanism redirects the user to an existing rendering when such a rendering already exists for the given administrative city. Of course, this mechanism does not apply to bounding box renderings
  • Add a check to make sure that the given bounding box was more or less in France. We had a small number of renderings done on an area outside of France, and the result was obviously empty, since our database is only loaded with OSM data for France at the moment. The check is not perfect (France is not exactly rectangular) but at least prevents rendering requests in Turkey or in the US
  • Improve the log messages we got from the rendering daemon, so that failed renderings can be investigated
  • Fix a bug that was causing some of the failed rendering, when the user selected an administrative city and finally decided to fall back to bounding box selection before validating the rendering
  • Fix the bug that was causing most of the rendering problems, which was due to a not-robust-enough code to compute the city area. The current code still isn’t perfect (there are really strange unclosed city areas), but at least the renderings do not fail anymore

We’ve also received a large number of very interesting proposals and bug reports, don’t hesitate to join us to improve MapOSMatic !

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